Beautiful Augusta, Georgia

As a clinical psychologist practicing in the Augusta, GA, area, Joseph Frey, PhD, performs psychological evaluations of adults, adolescents, and children. In addition, he works with the justice system, performing court-ordered evaluations and determining defendants’ competency to stand trial. Dr. Joseph Frey also works with several businesses in and around the Augusta, GA, area, consulting on business and management psychology.

Located on Georgia’s northeastern border, at the head of the navigable portion of the Savannah River, Augusta occupies nearly all the land area of Richmond County. In 1996, the citizens of the city and the county voted to consolidate the two governments to form Augusta-Richmond County, with a mayor- commission system. Originally established in 1736 by a detachment of troops sent upriver from Savannah, the settlement was named Augusta to honor the wife of the Prince of Wales, whose son was the future King George III. The settlement served a strategic purpose as a first line of defense against attacks on coastal settlements from the interior.

Augusta boasts a rich history and has preserved many of its historic neighborhoods and buildings, including the only building ever constructed by the government of the Confederacy, the Confederate Powderworks. Today, the city is home to almost 200,000 people, who are employed primarily in healthcare and manufacturing, as well as the military. The city is well known around the world as the site of the Masters Golf Tournament, held the first full week in April at the Augusta National Golf Club.


From the Office of Dr. Joseph Frey: Evans Lions Club

Since becoming a chartered member of Lions Clubs International in 2007, the Evans Lions Club in Georgia has focused its attention on improving the quality of life of underserved residents of the local community, Columbia County, and the state of Georgia. Like Lions Clubs International, the Evans club specifically dedicates much of its time to providing assistance to individuals who live with vision impairment. To fund its vision program and other charitable services, the Evans Lions Club holds monthly fundraisers such as pancake breakfasts, blood drives, or automobile shows.

Founded in Chicago in 1917, Lions Clubs International exists as the world’s largest service organization, with 1.35 million members in 46,000 clubs. Club members serve in more than 200 countries, working to provide assistance in communities, senior centers, hospitals, schools, and areas affected by natural disasters.

Through its sight program, Lions Clubs International supports screening, eyeglass recycling, eye banks, and assistance to those in danger of losing their sight. Other sponsored programs include youth volunteer activities, environmental programs, emergency assistance, and health programs.

A Licensed Psychologist in private practice since 1989, Dr. Joseph Frey brings a wealth of knowledge to his position as co-owner and CEO of Partners in Achievement (PIA) learning centers. Located in Augusta, Georgia, PIA focuses on improving learning and increasing academic achievement through cognitive training. Dr. Frey contributes to his community as a board member of the Evans Lions Club.