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Prior to beginning his career in the field of psychology in Augusta, GA, Joseph Frey attended Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia, where he earned his doctorate in clinical psychology. As a licensed psychologist with his own practice in Augusta, GA, Joseph Frey also serves as a member of the American Psychological Association (APA).

Founded in 1892, the American Psychological Association is the largest professional group of psychologists in the country with more than 117,000 members. Created to advance the knowledge and work of the psychological community, the APA promotes research in the field while also improving the requirements and qualifications for practicing psychologists.

The American Psychological Association includes a number of research programs and special issue materials to help psychologists stay abreast of advancements in the field, including the Psychology of Violence: Theories of Violence publication. This special issue discusses steps that need to be taken to help understand and deal with interpersonal violence in our society. The publication includes topics like Understanding the Challenge of Reducing Interpersonal Violence and Who Will Help Prevent Sexual Violence: Creating an Ecological Model of Bystander Intervention.


APA Promotes Psychology in the Workplace

A former adjunct associate professor at the Medical College of Georgia, Dr. Joseph Frey now focuses largely on his private practice in Augusta, GA, where he provides forensic consultations and psychological assessments. Through his Augusta, GA practice, Dr. Joseph Frey also offers a wide range of services related to management and workplace psychology.

The American Psychological Association (APA) recently issued a press release explaining how resources from its Center for Organizational Excellence have increased awareness about psychology’s impact on organizational performance and employee health. In 2014, APA’s Center for Organizational Excellence performed two national surveys designed to reveal the latest trends and topics in the United States workforce.

One study focused on the connection between employee recognition and work effort, motivation, and satisfaction. Based on the survey findings, more than a third of the respondents hadn’t garnered any recognition from an employer in the past year, and just half of the surveyed workers reported feeling valued in their workplace. The survey also found that recognition practices were linked to organizational and employee outcomes.

In its other study, the center focused on workplace factors like job stress and work flexibility that influence employees’ psychological health and performance. The results of this study were covered in major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Bloomberg News.