About Joseph Frey, PhD, ABPP

Joseph FreyA board member of the Evans Lions Club, Joseph Frey, PhD, ABPP of Augusta, Georgia, devotes his leisure time to several charitable organizations. Through his membership in the Evans Lions Club, Dr. Frey participates in fundraising activities that support individuals who cannot afford sight-oriented products such as glasses. Organizing such benefits as blood drives, pancake breakfasts, eye-glasses collections, and a yearly car show, the club’s members also donate funds to families in need. Additionally, Joseph Frey has served as President of the Lutheran Church of the Resurrection’s Church Council. An active member for the last 28 years, he also teaches Sunday school and has sat on several committees.

In the professional realm, Joseph Frey earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology from Georgia State University in 1980. Upon graduation, he held several teaching positions at the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s School of Medicine and the Medical College of Georgia (now Georgia Health Sciences University) in Augusta, eventually transitioning into private practice.
Today, Joseph Frey continues to hold a position at the Medical College of Georgia in the Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior as an Adjunct Associate Professor. He also maintains a private practice offering forensic services, including court-ordered visitation and custody evaluations, consultation to attorneys, and defense for sexual and physical abuse cases. Through his practice, Joseph Frey also carries out career assessments designed to assist individuals searching for a career change. He uses The Highlands Ability Battery to assist in identifying each individual’s career strengths and abilities.

Joseph Frey also plays an active role in his company, Partners in Achievement Learning Centers. As Chief Executive Officer and co-owner, he provides assessments to identify students’ learning challenges. After Dr. Frey and his colleagues identify these challenges, they guide students in a cognitive training program designed to make learning easier and overcome the challenges so furthering tutoring is not necessary. Partners in Achievement’s website, www.partnersinachievement.com, describes the company’s personnel, programs, and proven results in greater detail.

A member of West Lake Country Club since 1992, Joseph Frey plays golf regularly. He also enjoys cooking Cajun dishes and day trading on the stock market.


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