Lions Club Sponsors International Eyeglass Recycling Program

Joseph Frey of Augusta, GA, is a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice. In addition, Joseph Frey serves the Augusta, GA, community and surrounding areas as a member and board member of the Evans Lions Club. The Lions Club is an international service organization with a special focus on aiding individuals who are blind or visually impaired. To further this mission, the organization offers several programs, including an eyeglass recycling program.

The Lions Club recognizes that many individuals have old pairs of eyeglasses that they no longer use. Those unwanted glasses can make a dramatic difference in another person’s life. Lions Club members and other volunteers often collect used eyeglasses for delivery to regional recycling centers run by the club. At those recycling centers, trained volunteers determine the donated glasses’ prescriptions and clean the lenses. The Lions Club supplies many of these donated eyeglasses to individuals in developing nations to help improve their sight and their quality of life.

Individuals who wish to donate glasses can seek out local donation boxes in public places, such as libraries, community centers, or optometrist offices. Information on specific eyeglass collection venues is available via local Lions Club organizations.