History of the West Lake Country Club, by Dr. Joseph Frey

In the early sixties, an impatient foursome waiting nearly an hour to play the next hole of a golf course considered the idea of building and operating their own golf course. Though it was a spontaneous suggestion, it soon became reality. One of the four had already been accumulating land for potential development in Columbia County, Georgia, and soon he owned a little over 700 acres, including a lake to serve as a water source for lawn maintenance. With the land purchased, the group established West Lake Development Company, a corporation comprised of 50 individuals, each owning a share in the golf course development.

Once funding and land were acquired, the group hired engineers and managers to help design the course. Though the construction took a bit longer than originally planned, with setbacks from severe weather, the West Lake Country Club opened for business in March 1969. The club gained even more exposure and business as the result of a temporary partnership with Sports Illustrated, which introduced 100 business people to the course during Master’s Week.

Today the West Lake Country Club continues to flourish and offers, in addition to golf, tennis courts, a fitness center, and a pool. Members also enjoy socializing through the onsite restaurants.

About the author: Dr. Joseph Frey is a member of the West Lake Country Club.